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FloMech has been a part of over 15,000 projects since 1985. And although we value each one with the same dedication and care to detail as the next, big or small, we wanted to exemplify just a few of them to show you exactly what to expect. With a special thanks to our contracting partners, we present to you just a small taste of what we have accomplished over the years.  

The Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center

Custom Enclosures

Prentice Women’s Hospital

Custom Enclosures


Design Architectural Heating Electric Baseboards

Wheeling CCSD 21

(2019 Installation)


East Prairie Elementary

(2019 Renovation)


Fluted Radiant Ceiling Panels

The Shirley Ryan



Panel Radiation

Custom Enclosures

Advocate Christ Medical Center

Custom Enclosures

Wheaton College

Performing Art Center

Trench Radiation with Grille

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