Premium HVAC Supplier

Since 1985, FloMech has represented nothing but premium HVAC equipment throughout Illinois and Northwest Indiana. From laying out a job to shipping out the units, FloMech has been there for engineers, architects, and contractors throughout all the steps of the construction process. We ensure that your HVAC requirements will be met. 75 years of combined expertise in custom work and with over 10,000 orders produced, no job is too big nor too challenging for our undertaking. You take pride in the quality of your work, so choose an HVAC supplier that does the same.   Commercial heating and cooling supply, and custom HVAC solutions is our expertise.  Contact us today for a quote.  

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Our exclusive HVAC brands include Zehnder Rittling, Superior Rex, NIBCO, Markel, Runtal, Design Architectural Heating, Airedale, Aerotech and more